Web: working method

Working method:

First we will have an orientation talk. I collect your ideas, wishes and needs, and will tell you the possibilities within a certain budget. Of course this first talk is free. After that i will send you an e-mail with a description and an outline of the website and a quotation of the price. You can then decide whether you want it to be created or not or that items have to be added or deleted to fit it to your budget.

The design and styling of the website will always be according to your wishes and suggestions. You give me input in the form of ideas, text, image, sound and video content, on which i will base my design. I can also, if needed and for a surcharge, make or adapt texts, photographs and sounds for you. We will define if and which of the images can be used for the styling and backgrounds and we will choose the fonts to be used for the texts. The design will be discussed and adjusted during the process if necessary.

Once construction is completed, i can apply for a domain name for the site and also arrange the hosting for you. I also take care of the optimalisation for internet search engines, to make sure your site will be easily found.