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Stagelighting - Portfolio

Lighting for 'ConCuerpos' by Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska, July 15 2022, Theaterschool Utrecht, Utrecht.

Light design and lighting for 'Under the Skin', by Anastasia Kostner, Sept 23 2021, CC Amstel Amsterdam, Sept 25 2021, de Generator Leiden, Oct 3 2021, Café Belcampo Amsterdam, June 12 2022, Plein Theater Amsterdam.

Light design and lighting for 'Angels, upside down', by Tiia Veneranta. Encuentros I, Lloyd-complex, June 5 2021, Remo Amsterdam, Nov 21 2021, Kunstkapel Amsterdam, Dec 8 2021.

Lighting for 'Anam Cara' by Stichting Sanne Clifford & Co, Het Musiater Zevenaar, July 4 2021.

'Aceleratio', an interdisciplinair performance installation, with video, livestream and performances, by Movementalist / Dayna Martinez Morales & Vincent Verburg. NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam, may 2021.

[mi:t], by Dance Connects Company, Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis, 13 december 2018 | Crea, 16 december 2018.

'Circus Reve', a literary comedy about the Dutch writer Gerard Reve, location theatre. Betondorp Amsterdam, april 13-22 2018, Greonterp Friesland, august 22-26 2018, Wennekerpand, Schiedam, november 1 2018.

'Wonderland', dance and music performances for and with children, OT301, 13 may 2018, Theater Bellevue, 30 june 2018.

'Chronicles of the city: Kafir' - Over het IJ Festival, direction: Timen Jan Veenstra, CBK Amsterdam East, 15 to 24 march 2018.

'The Golden Fruit', by Look Now Foundation, Theater Ins Blau, Leiden, 6 july 2017

Oorsprong Curators Series, Bimhuis Amsterdam, 13 january 2017

'Knot Applicable, Harness', Sophie Fetokaki: voice, artistic direction, Dasniya Sommer: Shibari artist, Vera Goetzee: dancer, model, Mei-yi Lee: percussion, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Oostblok Theater, 2/3/5/6 september 2016.

Light installation and improvisation for 'An Osmotic Evening', Steim Amsterdam, 7 may 2015.

An Osmotic Evening
'An Osmotic Evening', Steim Amsterdam, 7 may 2015.

Doorkruising II, 1 mei 2015; Doorkruising III, with 'Territorium', an installation of light and garbage, 22 january 2016, Zaal 100, Amsterdam.

Oorsprong Curators Series, Bimhuis Amsterdam, 10 january 2015

'Soultrotter' by Philip Rachid, Festival Karavel, Espace Albert Camus, Bron/Lyon, 25 october 2012

'One Charming Night/Skin/Moon/Side', Gross Dance Company, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam, may 2012; Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum Universiteit Twente, october 2012, CCN Roubaix, Roubaix, october 2012.

'Monday Match', Dance and Music Impro Lab, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, with: Michael Jahoda & Gerri Jäger, october 2012.

Music / Dance 301: Music and dance improvisation, with Alkisti Theophilou, Malgorzata Haduch, Maria Mavridou and Goran Turnsek. Music: Colin McLean, Hilary Jeffery and Andy Moor, OT301, Amsterdam, january 2011.

Dance solo, by Noha Ramadan, OT301, Amsterdam, december 2010.

'Carmen in de kaasfabriek', a flamenco music theatre performance, directed by Irene de Bruin, Project 072, Alkmaar, october 2010.

'Sneaking in, somehow', by Alejandra Nettel, Diego Nicolás Rodríguez and Christian Chierego. Directed by Gabriella Sacco. Pleintheater, Amsterdam, september 2010, Fringe Festival, Fijnhout Theater, Amsterdam, september 2010.

Sneaking in, somehow
Sneaking in, somehow, projections by Christian Chierego, photo Ger van Boxtel.

New Music and Dance program, with Angel Fraldo and Onno Goevert, Sumo3 (Alfredo Genovesi, Emese Csornai and Marek Isleib), Celano Baggiani Group, Ema Nik Thomas, 'A Lupita con todo mi amor' by Melissa Cisneros, and Seamus Cater and Viljam Nybacka, OT301, Amsterdam, september 2010.

'Sounds from here', by Dorit Weintal, Dancing on the Edge Festival, Frascati, Amsterdam; Grand Theatre, Groningen; Korzo Theatre, The Hague; Zaal de Unie, Rotterdam; Rasa, Utrecht, december 2009.

'Art(h)emigra Satellite', music/dance performance with live streaming, with Sylvain Meret, Miri Lee, Kenzo Kusuda and Manuela Tessi. Music: Alfredo Genovesi, Marcello Windolph, and Robbert van Hulzen, OT301, Amsterdam, november 2009.

'Sugar Rush', by Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj, Jernej Jurc and Tian Rotteveel, Melkweg, Amsterdam, june 2009, Stara Mestna Elektrarna, Ljubljana, Slovenia, october 2009.

'Rosie Wooff', Music and Dance improvisations, Zaal 100, Amsterdam, october 2009 / january 2010.

'Monday Match', Dance and Music Impro Lab, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, with: Melvin Fraenk & Maraatsj, feb 2012; Raoul Freitas Vale Germano & Andy Moor, april 2011; Vincent Verburg & Esmèe Olthuis, jan 2011; Sylvain Méret & Santiago Botero, nov 2010; Michael Jahoda & Maarten Ornstein, oct 2010; Makiko Ito & Niko Langenhuijsen, april 2010; Patricia Bardi & Felicity Provan, nov 2009; Francisca Rijken & Tessa Zoutendijk, oct 2009; Satya & Jelte van Andel, june 2009; Marisa Grande & Benni von Gutzeit, feb 2009; Katie Duck & Alfredo Genovesi, march 2008; Lily Kiara & Felicity Provan, nov 2007.

'Het orgelt' by Pe Vermeersch, Orgelpark, Amsterdam, october 2009.

'3x Suzy' by Maaike v.d. Westeringh, Lies Cuyvers & Mirte Courtens, Muzenis, april 2009, Fringe Festival, Amsterdam, september 2009.

'Melkwitje, het ritueel van de vermomming (the ritual of disguise)' by Zid Theater, Tong Tong Festival/ Pasar Malam Besar, Den Haag, may 2008, International Theatre Festival 'Transit', Holstebro, Danmark, august 2009.

'Contemporary Fusion', Dance Improvisation by Paul Estabrook Danceworks, Studio Bühne, Paderborn, Germany, july 2009.

'CorpComposition' - 'Amid a blooming space' by Allison Shir and Marjatta Fehres, and 'Awakening' by Jorge Tovar, may 2009.

'How it is made' by Julyen Hamilton, februari 2008.

'Human Landscapes II', Multidisciplinary dance theatre in a choreography by Gabriela Zuarez, de Observant, Amersfoort, october 2007.

'Talk to Me' by Julyen Hamilton and Lily Kiara, Theater De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, may 2006.

'Le Voyage', Solodance by Claudia Jakobsen, choreography by Gabriela Zuarez, Theater Achterom, Hilversum, december 2003.

Performances at the Muiderpoort theater,
Amsterdam, 2002-2009:

'I Hear Ripples Through My Body' by Kalpana Raghuraman, 13 Dec 2009.

'Strip | Dance' by Gaia Gonelli (IT), and 'Episode Milk Shake' by Dorit Weintal (IL), 7 Nov 2009.

'Travelling Body' by Andrea G. Hackl, Momo Sanno & Corneliu Ganea, 11/12 Sept 2009.

'Amid a Blooming Space' by Allison Shir and Marjatta Fehres, 'Awakening' by Jorge Tovar (CO), and 'Based on one evening' by Olivia Reschofsky (HU), Setareh Fatehi Irani (IR) & Vincent Riebeek (NL), 29/30 May 2009.

'3x Suzy' by Maaike v.d. Westeringh (NL), Lies Cuyvers (BE) & Mirte Courtens (BE), 24/25 April 2009.

'Groen stuk' by Fajo Jansen & Arjan Immel and 'Rules & Feathers' by Niko Kuipers & Christian Krumm Aliaga, 13/14 March 2009.

Groen stuk, by Fajo Jansen
Groen Stuk, by Fajo Jansen, photo Ed Schenk.

'Sound Riders' by Vincent Vianen, 7/8 March 2009.

'Undetermined Space' by Dayna Martinez Morales and 'Cool Memories' by Kathleen Delaney, 30/31 Jan 2009.

'Meira' by Sagi Gross (IL), 12/13 Dec 2008.

'Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?' by Marzina Krzeminska [PL] and 'Sweet apocalypse' by Simon Tanguy [FR], 10/11 Oct 2008.

'Wonderland' by Douglas Bateman and 'Low Lux' by Janne Eraker (SW), 25/26 Sept 2008.

'De poort' by Rolana Saadi and 'One' by Vincent Verburg, 5 April 2008.

'Not [exactly] Here' by Manuela Tessi (IT) and 'ARTis...?' by Marcela Serrano (IT), 13/14 March 2008.

'Women's Tale / A-live' by Maria Michailidou and 'Ontwapend' by Anne-Beth Schuurmans, 21/22 Feb 2008.

'How it is made' by Julyen Hamilton (ES), 10 Feb 2008.

'God is Shiny' by Maria Michailidou (GR), 21/22 Jan 2008.

'Rood stuk' by Fajo Jansen (NL), 18/19 Jan 2008.

Unfinished Company/ Malgorzata Haduch (PL), 13 Jan 2008.

Dance improvisation by Tashi Iwaoka (JP), Mad Sunday, 9 Dec 2007.

'Beatiful without question' by Marjolein Vogels and 'Skinned' by Christina Planes Leitas, 30 Nov/1 Dec 2007.

'Low Lux' by Janne Eraker (SW) and 'Beautiful Watcher' by Dayna Martinez Morales (BO), 2/3 Nov 2007.

'Strip/Dance' by Gaia Gonelli (IT), 'Green Green Ground' by Susanne Ohmann and 'Episode Latte' by Dorit Weintal (IL), 20/21 Sept 2007.

Dance improvisation by Marcela Giesche, Mad Sunday, 9 Sept 2007.

'Land(E)scapes' by Ana Ladas and 'Lostbox' by Marie Goeminne (BE), 21/22 Juni 2007.

'An unbearable Lightness' by Ji-Hye Ko, 18/19 May 2007.

'Mariposa' by Sandra Stark, Mad Sunday, 13 May 2007.

Dance improvisation by Janne Eraker, Mad Sunday, 8 April 2007.

'Parallel Event' by Ji-Hyun Youn (KR), 30/31 March 2007.

'-related" #1-#4' by Seon-Ja Seo (KR), 17/17 March 2007.

'Intimate Distance' by Valeria Primost, 11 March 2007.

'Sur Faces' by Silke Mehler and 'Breaking the Circle' by Ezequiel Sanucci (AR), 16/17 Feb 2007.

'The Box' by Julyen Hamilton (ES), Mad Sunday, 21 Jan 2007.

'Blauw stuk' by Fajo Jansen (NL), 12/13 Jan 2007.

'Alone and together' by Mati Elias, Mad Sunday, 10 Dec 2006.

'Blue Your Face' by Ji Hae Ko, 10/11 Nov 2006.

'The second cast of the black swan' by Yehudit Mizrahi, 20/21 Okt 2006.

'Obstakels onderwater' by Javier Murugarren, Mad Sunday, 8 Okt 2006.

'Akapro#10' by Makiko Ito (JP), Mad Sunday, 10 Sept 2006.

'Of plays and wires' by Laura Moro (IT) and 'Upurpose' by Ralf Westerhof (NL), 30 June/1 July 2006.

'On the con-sequence of things' by Valeria Primost, Mad Sunday, 14 May 2006.

'Show me Love' by Ji Hye Ko, 10/11 March 2006.

'Fresh' by Magpie, 26 Feb 2006.

'SIA project 15' by Martin Inthamoussu (GR), Mad Sunday, 12 Feb 2006.

'Blauw stuk' by Fajo Jansen (NL), 3/4 Feb 2006.

'Hunted' by Julyen Hamilton (ES), Mad Sunday, 29 Jan 2006.

'Wonderland' by Maartje Belmer (NL), 'Balance' by Manuela Tessi (IT) and 'There were some seabirds whose name i didn't know' by Sasha Antipin, 13/14 Jan 2006.

'Moving into a sea of soundlines drawn by my flat body' by Katrine Brown, Mad Sunday, 11 Dec 2005.

'It's time to wake up' by Montse Roig and '100% natural – ultimate description for a fullfilled life' by Kathy Hernan, 2/3 Dec 2005.

'Over Scarlatti en een ei' by Ailed Izurieta and 'Openonsense II' by Martine Moulart (BE), 27/28 Okt 2005.

'Faido' by Dorit Weintal, 20 Nov 2005.

Dance Performance by Paul Estabrook Danceworks, Mad Sunday, 9 Okt 2005.

'Conversation in Circles' by Ariadne Estalella and 'Tetrapus, mutus, hirsitus' by Susana Amarante Duarte, 29/30 Sept 2005.

'Puddle' and 'Mirage' by Sato Endo (JP), 4/5 March 2004.

Dance Performance by Patricia Bardi and Alex Maquire, 15 Feb 2004.

'Le Voyage', solodance by Claudia Jakobsen (AR) in a choreography by Gabriela Zuarez (AR), 5 Dec 2003.

'Iedereen is koning' en 'Lourdes Loeder' by Fajo Jansen, 7/8 Nov 2003.

Two solos by Ji Houn Youn and Seon Ja Seo, 1/2 May 2003.

'Factotum Night' by Nick Bryson, Ursula Chapman, Anne Gilpin and Ambra Bergamasco (IR), 25 April 2003.

'Descent-Ascent' by Maria Michailidou (GR), 11/12 April 2003.

'Light becomes her' by Patricia Bardi (US)' and 'Puddle' / 'A glance, if i had seen it', by Sato Endo (JP), 21/22 Feb 2002.

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