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I make websites. And i like to make them as beautiful, clear and functional as possible. Because it is important that you can present yourself and your work, or that of your organization, to a wide range of audience, in your own words, images and design, with a website that you can easily update and extend.

I build my websites in php and javascript, and use css and photoshop for the styling of the site. I can include audio, video, guestbooks, image galleries, and any other external script.

The website will be built integrated within a content management system with database, thus making it easy for yourself to maintain or update the site.

Personal contact and involvement are important for me during the whole process of designing and building, so that the final website will fully meet your expectations and needs.

I make websites for artists, dancers, musicians, institutions, non-profit organisations, and small companies within the creative sector, or for anyone else looking for a website in which creativity is as important as functionality.

When your website is built, or if you have an existing website, i can also do the maintainance for you, or help you with the redesigning of your existing website.

For a more visual presentation of what i do please take a look at my portfolio.

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